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Do you have problems with verrucas and tried a variety of treatments, but nothing seems to work? 

Microwave treatment could be the answer.........

Have you been troubled by warts on your feet which seem to have failed every treatment going? SWIFT is a new type of treatment for warts using microwave energy. Following successful trials conducted at podiatry practices in the United Kingdom, this treatment is now available to patients.




verrucae and wart treatment

What does the treatment involve?

Verruca and wart treatment
The treatment of warts with microwave is very straight forward. Before treatment begins your podiatrist may decide to gently remove hard skin overlying the wart. This helps to sit the microwave probe onto the skin.
The microwave probe is then applied onto the wart and the microwaves are then applied for 5 seconds. If the wart is large you may need a few applications at each treatment to ensure all parts of the wart are treated.
Once treatment has finished, there is not normally any need for a dressing and you do not need to take any special precautions afterwards. So there is no need to keep your foot dry or keep any dressing on your foot. You can even go swimming! Most patients require up 4 treatment sessions with SWIFT, but many warts may resolve sooner.

We are the only clinics in the world that are able to currently offer this treatment. Microwave treatment is NOT available anywhere else.



Does it hurt?

Treatment time is around 5 seconds per application. Depending on the size and number of the warts you may need multiple applications. During that time, patients report that they can feel a sensation ranging from discomfort to pain which lasts for 2 seconds. Most patients describe the sensation as standing on a needle. Once the treatment is complete the pain quickly disappears.
Rarely patients may experience pain or discomfort for a few hours after and for this your podiatrist will be able to recommend you take a painkiller such as one you would normally take for a headache.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Virtually anyone who is troubled by warts on their hands and feet are suitable for the treatment but in certain circumstances in may not be suitable everyone. At your first appointment your podiatrist will be able to discuss this with you. Patients who have metal implants in their feet or are fitted with a pacemaker should not undergo SWIFT treatment.
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