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"I had this verruca on the sole of my foot for a number of years. I have tried everything from the chemist and nothing worked. What was worse for me was the pain I suffered playing football from my foot. After just one treatment from SWIFT within three days the pain from my wart had gone and I could play football. A couple of weeks afterwards the wart started to disappear. I am so pleased."
Mr A. (Hampshire)

"Had this wart for ages and it was beginning to get unsightly and I've tried everything.  Although it took three sessions I just got up one morning and it was gone. Brilliant!" 


Mr R. (Dunfermline).

"After suffering with verrucas for almost 4 years and trying endless amount of treatments and remedies I had given up all hope in getting rid of them. I heard about this new microwave, I still had my doubts as nothing had worked before. I went ahead and had the treatment, I started noticing that after every treatment my verrucas were getting smaller and the numbers were too. Chris was amazing to me and helped me a lot! I am so grateful for being able to have such great treatment and how quickly it worked!"


Miss L, (Hampshire)

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