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Swift microwave wart treatment
Most of us are familiar with microwaves through cooking but microwaves also have uses in healthcare. Microwaves work by penetrating skin and exciting the water molecules contained within it. As they become excited, they vibrate and produce heat and it is this heat which has an effect on the tissues.
SWIFT is a new British technology which uses microwaves to help destroy the wart (or verruca) tissue. The microwaves are delivered through a 7mm probe applied to the skin into the wart. The advantage of the treatment is that is rapid - taking just 5 seconds. As microwaves travel a few millimetres into the skin it doesnt cause skin breakage so there is no need for a dressing afterwards. Normally up to three or four treatments are required but some resolve sooner.

Watch this video to see how microwaves work

What are the advantages of microwave treatment of my warts?

Wart treatment can often be painful, messy, prolonged and inconvenient. With the SWIFT system, disruption to you and your life are minimised:
Reduced treatment times - treatment with SWIFT takes just seconds for the average sized wart.
There is no need for an injection of anaesthetic
There is no dressing required after the procedure
After treatment there are no restrictions on what you can do including bathing, swimming etc.,
Post treatment pain is reported my patients as minimal
Rapid reduction in pain following treatment
Proven results with over three quarters of warts treated clearing by the end of treatment
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